AI/Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is when a computer program processes data based on predetermined algorithms, analyzes patterns, and predicts relevant metrics. Using Artificial Intelligence, we can optimize daily operations, analyze upcoming trends, and forecast growth patterns.

Machine Learning (ML) is a form of AI that learns how to perform a task using different learning techniques, such as learning from examples using historical data or learning by trial and error. With the implementation of machine learning, our programmers work to improve a computer’s perception of data, cognition of assigned tasks, and actions taken.

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We specialize in the software below:

  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Amazon Sage Maker
  • Data Robot
  • Databricks
  • TensorFlow

We specialize in the following Areas:

  • Proof Concept for AI/ML
  • Vendor evaluation for AI/ML
  • Technical design and Architecture
  • Templates and Best Practices
  • Development, Deployment and Support